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Package items reservation iYou have to book the respective dates/times for Museum excursions, lunches in the Václav Restaurant and test drives.

Guided tour of the Museum (including depository) and the Mladá Boleslav production plant (3 hours) iThe customer is required to have their own car for the plant tour.

Please be advised that only visitors aged 10-plus are allowed to attend the Plant Tour.
Visitors are allowed to enter the Company site subject to wearing stout shoes (closed heel, closed toe) without heels.

Lunch in the Václav Restaurant (60 minutes), ŠKODA Museum building

Customer Centre test drive (30 minutes) iThe number of test drives is limited by the number of vouchers.

Ferdinand Porsche Birth House excursion

No need to book the excursion date/time ahead.
Opening times: 9:00 AM –5:00 PM (FRI – SUN).
Adresa: Tanvaldská 38, Liberec – Vratislavice nad Nisou.

15% discount on products

Date/time reservation not required. The discount applies to purchases of all products (souvenirs, gifts, fashion, genuine accessories) at the points of sale listed below:
ŠKODA Customer Centre, tř. Václava Klementa 294, Mladá Boleslav
ŠKODA Muzeum, tř. Václava Klementa 294, Mladá Boleslav
Ferdinand Porsche Birth House, Tanvaldská 38, Liberec – Vratislavice nad Nisou
Discounts cannot be cumulated.

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